In some ways, Gary had a lucky beginning in life.

Grace, his fiercely loving sister, was also the “mother” he would never have.

Deprived, neglected and ignored he was fortunately innocently unaware of the troubles around him as a baby and always had her to protect him.

The day she left for the farm he was desolate and life became intolerable until one happy family came along and rescued him.

However, this happiness was just a fleeting moment, a short time when he could dream of great achievement and a successful life.

Being plunged back into reality, with all its deepest misery, forced him to forget those hopes and dreams and he despaired of ever being a worthwhile person.

Living with his parents again was to be his downfall.

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Caroline Webber

Caroline Webber worked in the newspaper and television industries for many years, wrote & directed for a well-known (non-professional) theatre company & was co-founder & Editor of a paper campaigning for the rights of local communities in Bristol.

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